MazzKatz, LLC

As the leadership of Excell Partners, the MazzKatz team has a 9 year track record investing in seed stage startups across New York. Mazzullo and Katz are business founders and owners who are actively engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a vast network of connections in academia, angel networks, public and private businesses, accelerators and incubators. MazzKatz brings deal flow, disciplined process, quality due diligence and active portfolio management to the fund, to help Impact Capital deliver returns to its investors.

theresa-m-picTheresa Mazzullo has been the CEO of Excell Partners since 2006. She has a 30-year track record in business, finance and entrepreneurship.

•  Having owned and sold a small business, Theresa brings firsthand knowledge, skill and experience to the seed stage investment arena.

•  In her role as CEO, Theresa’s duties include company solicitation, deal screening & review, governance, compliance, reporting, community integration, finance and fundraising. She participates in all investment decisions and in portfolio management, including serving on boards

rami-k-picRami Katz joined Excell in 2010 as COO. Prior to joining Excell, Rami was Director of Technology Commercialization at High Tech Rochester (HTR). Rami is an attorney, and earlier in his career had a successful legal practice in Israel.

•  Rami was a founding member of a seed-stage investment group in Israel, which invested in seed and pre-seed stage ventures. His combination of legal expertise and direct experience in tech commercialization and venture capital, makes Rami uniquely qualified for seed stage investing.

•  In his role as Excell’s COO, Rami’s responsibilities include all aspects of fund management including, but not limited to, company solicitation, due diligence, negotiations and portfolio management.