Buffalo Capital Partners, LLC

Buffalo Capital Partners is a powerhouse group of individuals who along with Scott, will invest in and assist the Impact Capital team in evaluating investment opportunities, particularly in transactions involving hospitality, customer service/products, materials and life science companies.

They will also serve on boards and act as mentors and advisors to the fund’s portfolio companies. These individuals bring a network of human and financial capital that will be essential for providing the critical support service to the portfolio companies in Impact Capital.


Scott Friedman, Esq.
•  Manager, Buffalo Capital Partners, LLC
CEO, Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP


Jeremy Jacobs, Jr.
•  Principal, Delaware North Companies
One of the world’s largest privately held companies by Forbes


Frederick Pierce, II
•  Managing Director, Gaylord Smythe, LLC.
•  An independent investment management professional


Brian Lipke
•  Chair and CEO (retired)
•  Gibraltar Industries. A publically traded company on NASDAQ GS


Mark Hamister
•  Chairman & CEO, Hamister Group.
Recognized leader in healthcare and hotel management